Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of ‘Enter.Stage.Write Franchise’ Global and UK

  1. The ‘Enter.Stage.Write UK’ competition is open to anyone residing in the UK. ‘The Enter.Stage.Write Global’ is open to any contestant worldwide.
  3. The script must be written in British or American English grammar.
  4. The competition opens six to three months before the competition event. Any entries received after the submission deadline will not be read. You will not be reimbursed your entry fee.
  5. We are only able to accept entries submitted online. No paper entries will be considered within the judging process. Please do not submit any supporting materials including CDs, photographs, reviews or any audio-visual material.
  6. Scripts must be submitted by the writer and not by an agent or any other third party.
  7. The play must be an original piece of work.
  8. The script has to be precisely 10 minutes in length.
  9. Enter.Stage.Write Global scripts must be 15 minutes in length.
  10. We do not accept translations, adaptations of other pieces of work or musicals. We also do not take plays written exclusively for younger audiences.
  11. The entrant must exclusively own and control all copyright and all other related rights to the submitted script. The submitted play must be available for production.
  12. We do accept plays co-authored by more than one writer (max 2). Please ensure that only one entry is submitted with one set of contact details.
  13. You can submit multiple scripts to the competition/multiple entries per person to the competition.
  14. All scripts must be sent as PDFs to ensure consistency for our judges; other file types will be disqualified, or we will email you to send us a PDF version.
  15. Please indicate if you would like your script and contact details to be included in the Enter.Stage.Write online database. The database can only be viewed by registered users and all rights are retained by the writer. It is the writer’s (or their agent’s) responsibility to negotiate any subsequent offers to produce the work. We recommend referring to the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain or a Writers union of your location for agreed industry terms.

Script Guidelines

The script must be precisely 10 minutes in length for Enter.Stage.Write UK and precisely 15 minutes for Enter.Stage.Write Global (please read-through with friends or other readers, so that you can determine accurately whether this is the case). Although duologues (two-handers) are preferable, the script must not require any more than three actors to perform. The script can be of any genre from drama to comedy – anything is fine. Above all, we want diverse and authentic stories that have a start, middle and end, and can take the audience on a journey.

Anyone can enter Enter.Stage.Write UK competition as long as they currently reside in the UK and they have studied or are studying in the UK.

Anyone can enter Enter.Stage.Write Global; it is open to citizens globally, including the UK.

Important: If you are under the age of 16, please state your age and have your parents’/guardians’ names and contact information placed on the script. Please do not put your name on the page at all, if under 16. If you are under 16, the admin fee to enter a script is £13.00. If unemployed or receive disability allowance you are eligible for the £13 entry rate. If you are a student, 16 or over, the admin fee is still £15 to enter a script.

Furthermore, you can purchase a 25-minute consultation about your 10/15-minute script with an industry professional master script advisor for £35. These consultations are subject to availability and will take place throughout the year. Furthermore you are eligible to re-submit for free with your amendments and be on the Transition Stage Company database for a year with the 25-minute consultation.

Transition Stage Company will manage your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is stated on our website.


  1. There will be an Audience Award best script, which will include a prize and it is voted for by the audience. The final decision is made after the audience place their voting cards in a ballot or, if the event is held online, the vote will also be held online. The votes are counted for each script. The Grand Award, however, presented for the best play, will be wholly chosen by guest judges of the ‘Enter.Stage.Write’ event and the winner of the Grand Award can receive £1,000 or monetary award or grant for each individual franchised Enter.Stage.Write event. The closing date of the competition is a month before the Enter.Stage.Write event. The admin fees are in place in order for us to employ expert script practitioners.
  2. By submitting your script, you agree that if your script is awarded a place in the finals of Enter.Stage.Write, your script will be held automatically under option by the Transition Stage Company for a period of eighteen months after the announcement of the awards. Any subsequent production will be recompensed in accordance with industry terms as agreed by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. The Writers’ Guild website is here: https://writersguild.org.uk/
  3. We regret that no correspondence can be entered into regarding any part of the judging process. For more clarification of submission please contact Mrs. Natalie Edwards (mailto:info@transitionstagecompany.com) For eligibility, we define your residency through your ability to produce, if asked, proof of main address on a driving license, appropriate Inland Revenue document, or if not in possession of these, a phone bill with proof of address.